Progressive Complete Learn To Play Drums Manual (Book/2 CD)


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Superdik drumboek + 2 CD's met alles voor de beginner tot gevorderd nivo, meer dan 200 blz!

Everything you wanted to know about drum playing,contained within one book.Takes you from beginner to advanced in all styles and techniques as well as teaching music theory in an interesting and practical way.Features all the important rhythms and note groupings and shows the application of each to beats and fills.Contains rudiments,independence exercises and practice systems and strategies that will be of benifit to drummers of any level.

Auteur:Craig Lauritsen

Level:eenvoudig - gemiddeld

Drager:boek + CD

Geschreven in:drumnotatie


Druk:eerste druk


Aantal blz.:222




ISBN 13:978-1-86469-258-7

  • Artikelcode: 103594