Joe Morton: Double Pedal Gold (Book/CD)


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Dubbel basdrum leren drummen? Snelheid op de pedalen verhogen? Lekkere ritmes leren spelen en zelf maken? Dit boek+CD is perfect.

Artiest:Joe Morton / Steve Ferraro


Drager:boek + CD

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In Double Pedal Gold - the latest multi-media release from Hudson Music - drummer, author and educator Joe Morton presents hundreds of challenging exercises that provide double-pedal players with a straight-forward yet incremental method to develop double-pedal technique. The exercises facilitate the use of single and double-strokes in both 16th- and 32nd- note bass drum patterns and include of twenty solo compositions for the drumset that incorporate the techniques learnt in the book. Also included is a companion CD loaded with examples of many of the exercises and solos as demonstrated by the author.

Leading drummers and drum publications, from Modern Drummer magazine to Gregg Bissonette and Zoro, have certified Double Pedal Gold as the 'Gold' standard of double-pedal books

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