Pete Lockett: Indian Rhythms For Drumset (Book/CD)


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Complexe ritmische structuren uit India. Een echte uitdaging voor de slagwerker die niet vies is van doorbijten! Inclusief CD.

Auteur:Pete Lockett

Level:gemiddeld - gevorderd

Drager:boek + CD

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Beschrijving van de uitgever:

This book, the first of its kind, takes an indepth look at the complex rhythmic systems of India. Author and world-class percussionist Pete Lockett has traveled, performed, and studied extensively in India. His unique expertise provides a clear explanation of Indian rhythms and counting systems, and gives drummers a step-by-step resource for adapting these concepts to the drumset and successfully incorporating them into their playing.

Indian Rhythms For Drumset dispels much of the mystery that surrounds the Indian rhythmic system, using vocal syllables known as solkattu or konnakol. The South-Indian rhythmic approach is covered in particular detail, containing concepts that can be applied to jazz, rock, funk, and other styles. Topics covered include solo concepts, phrase development, groove concepts, syncopations, rhythmic modulations, and intricate stickings.

The CD included contains MP3 files of the author demonstrating nearly every exercise in the book (over 200 examples), and also features three play-along tracks mixed with and without drums.

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