Set Up, Tune and Play Your Drums! (DVD)


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Voor de echte, helemaal vanaf nul beginnende drummer!


Leraar:Jason Gianni




Taal:Engels gesproken - niet ondertiteld

Speelduur min.:80

Beschikbaarheid:7 - 20 dagen



Beschrijving van de uitgever:

On this DVD, drummer Jason Gianni teams with Hudson Music and Sound Percussion to present a complete primer on your new drum: setting up, tuning and an introduction to playing. A perfect user's manual for the beginning drummer, this DVD brings Jason's Professional expertise as a player and teacher into your new home as you follow his instructions on getting started playing the drums.

Topics: Unpacking your drums and assembling them, adjusting your pedal, setting up your drumset, fine-tuning the snare drum, getting comfortable on your kit, stick selection, basic hand technique, pedal technique, tuning, introduction to the rudiments and 5 basic rock beats.

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