Nils Rohwer: Drum Play-Alongs 2 (Book/CD)


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Lekkere drum play alongs in de stijlen: Pop, Rock, Funk, Afro, Reggae.

Auteur:Nils Rohwer

Level:eenvoudig - gemiddeld

Drager:boek + CD

Geschreven in:drumnotatie



Druk:eerste druk

Aantal blz.:44




ISBN 13:9783940161222


Beschrijving van de uitgever:

DRUM Play-Along 2 by Nils Rohwer offer a wide array of music styles with interesting drum arrangements. They are specifically composed to help students quickly learn and intensify all that is needed to play in a band. The CD's present the pieces in high quality with authentic instrumental sounds.

The songs are arranged with finest instrumental melodies. No more 16-measure stretches where the vocal part is missing! Everything is completely written out. No ad libs! Each song is printed on two pages for efficient work during lessons. All musical terms and instructions are explained. Any drummer who can read music will have no problem learning these pieces, with or without a teacher.

Samba, Fusion, Techno, Shuffle, Odd times

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